Mesu's BFFs Writing Guidelines

  1. Please focus the devotional on Scripture that deals with the message of Jezebel’s story, I Kings 18 – 21, although you’re not limited to that – just look at the link to the example below!
  2. Please limit your devotionals to 500 words or less. And just keep in mind that we may be edit to fit the devotional format.
  3. Articles are accepted via email only. Please send articles as a Word document attachment to Angie or Tina with BFF Devotional and your title in the subject line. (That just ensures that we don’t lose it.)
Suggested Format Guidelines:
  1. Single spaced, but with a space between paragraphs
  2. 12-point Times New Roman, black font
  3. Devotionals structure:
    1. Title centered and capitalized
    2. Focus Scripture verse(s) with reference
    3. Devotional content
    4. Questions for application or further thought
  4. Be sure to include the URLs for your website site, etc.